Feb. 4th, 2007

holzman_tweed: (metalhead)
Yid Vicious is a Klezmer band. Those who attended my first wedding will recall that I like Klezmer enough to have paid the Chicago Klezmer Ensemble to play.

I think the CKE is the only Klezmer band not to have a name that is a pun or joke.

Anyway, there's something really cool about Yid Vicious. Check out the web page. I'll wait. The lady with the saxaphone in the middle? That's my second cousin Melissa Reiser. From the bio page:

Saxophonist Melissa Reiser left the relative comforts of a music teaching job (Luther College) to broaden her horizons: yes, she went back to grad school, like anyone eager to avoid signing up for the real world would do. With a masters in ethnomusicology (world music) now under her belt, Melissa has decided to keep going so that she can subjugate college kids to the sounds of places they can't find on a map. Her most recent venture involved camping in the sands of the Sahara, squashing scorpions, and attending nomadic raves while researching Tuareg music festivals in northern Mali. Melissa plays / has played in the Afro-pop band Kweku Ananse and the Sweet Vibrations, the big-band Ladies Must Swing, the Milwaukee-based contemporary ensemble Present Music, and classical venues such as the Milwaukee Symphony and the Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra.

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