May. 12th, 2007

holzman_tweed: (something in the water)
This may be the best thing to happen to cinema since color film.

Think about it:  An R rating has been all important for getting the under-17 crowd in, whether with parents or not.  As a result, movies that could have been great have been marred by adding gratuitous sex and violence in order to avoid the dread PG or PG-13.  Thanks to  this brilliant innovation from the MPAA, all they have to do now is light up a cigarette and puff away while delivering the theatric greatness!

Not only that, they won't have to spend all that extra money on actors who'll take their clothes off and the latest *BOOM* special effects.

No word on how much Big Tobacco paid the MPAA for all the product placement opportunities resulting from the upcoming surge of smoking in movies.

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