Jul. 4th, 2007

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Original by[livejournal.com profile] yeloson, also cross posted to [livejournal.com profile] sex_and_race:

"OMG! Call in the PC police!"

Politically correct. The reason you should not call someone a racist genocidal slur is because it's bad politics. Not because you respect them as a human being, not because you think randomly insulting people for no real reason is asinine, not because you believe in anything other than white supremacy[1].

Because really.

When you think you have the right to insult people with words, images, or stereotypes that HAVE killed people, and that taking it away is some kind of hassle, that's white supremacy. You get the right to hurt and demean people just because of your skin color, and their right to demand basic human respect doesn't matter in the face of that.

Obviously, if YOU have no problem doing this, the problem isn't YOU, right? It has to be those annoying people who keep getting upset all the time over something that isn't bothering YOU, and if it isn't bothering YOU, it's not a problem, right? So if they would just stop getting upset, YOU could go live your life in peace, right?

If I gagged and muffled you so you didn't complain or scream when I cut off your arm, then it must be ok, right? After all, you didn't complain this time. Maybe if I shot you full of morphine first, so you didn't feel it, it'd be good. After all, I wouldn't feel any pain, and it's no problem for me, therefore it's not a problem.

Of course, were I to do so, you'd call the police. And I couldn't go, "Oh, but look, here you are trying to be anatomically correct" and roll my eyes and get off by saying, "I don't see what the big deal is, you're getting upset over nothing, you're oversensitive, see, I feel just fine!"

Oh but it's just words, not an arm, right?

But people kill themselves over self hate. People live scarred and hurt for their entire lifetimes because everyone who supposedly knew what they were talking about called them stupid and ugly. And unlike many things in this life, your DNA still as of yet cannot be changed, so you just have to live knowing the rest of your life you can't fix it.

Sort of like missing an arm.

So, I'm willing to make a deal. If you want the full right to not have people complain or "Call the PC police", I want the full right to cut off your arm and you not to call the real police.

I'm sure we'll have a happy get-a-long society then. We can all hold hands (or not) and sing Kumbayah.


[1] If male supremacy, heterosupremacy, or some other hegemony is your particular cup-of-oppression, I think it does little violence to the piece to read it as included. -- DBHT

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