Aug. 11th, 2007

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Today I flew home from my Las Vegas/Laguna Hills/Los Angeles conference/vacation/work. As luck would have it, James Avery was on my flight. It's my policy not to squee in celebrity's faces when they're not doing celebrity things, so I filed it under "Kinda Cool Things That Happen."

On the plane waiting to sit, ahead of me is Clueless White Person, who asks him, "Weren't you on The Cosby Show," to which he responded, "Not Cosby, no." CWP was quite bewildered, because she was certain she had seen him on Cosby, and he kept repreating, "Not Cosby, no."

Being a professional actor, it should be no surprise that if he felt any irritation it didn't show.

I made an exception to my policy and said, "Excuse me, I just wanted to say I've enjoyed your work," to which he replied "Thank you."

Moments later, CWP realized that it was The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire that he'd been on, and she started sharing with the entire plain her amazement that she mixed up which show he was on, and how could she possible have done that?

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