You probably knew this.

Apr. 26th, 2017 05:29 am
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Numbers on how most of the terrorist violence comes from the right and most of the publicity goes to Muslims.

Thanx to RAW Illumination.


Apr. 26th, 2017 05:24 am
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"They keep the radio on up front here all day long. The news snippets come from FOX, on the hour. If you're just a casual listener they make it sound as if Trump is achieving all these things he says. Tax reform? I just heard it will be done on Wednesday. I bet there are tens of millions of people who believe he is doing or has done this stuff he boasts about. It's really remarkable. His bullshit is working. He pretends he has accomplishments and it sounds like he does." -- Kay, Balloon Juice, comments [thanks to [info] realinterrobang for quoting this earlier]


Apr. 25th, 2017 05:24 am
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"As an opener, I'd like to state that elves are certainly NOT cliché. It doesn't matter if they all have pointy ears, or they all live a long time, or even if they all like forests. It doesn't matter if they're short or tall or both. It doesn't matter if they're related to forest spirits or even angels. Regardless of how many elves are like one another or how many elves appear in how many books, elves are NOT cliché.


"Well, for one, an elf is a creature. How can a creature be a cliché? Is a human clichcliché? They certainly do appear in a lot of books! How about dragons? Now there's a popular subject! Are dragons clichcliché as well? Well what about vampires too? Or werewolves? Or bats? Or rabbits? Or mice? Or owls? Or crows? Cats??"

-- Robert Fanney [via goodreads]

[Happy birthday to [info] wayward-va!]

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One of my favorite songs ever, and perfect for this rainy evening:

"Kathy's Song"

This is credited as "Simon and Garfunkel," but I think that's Paul Simon I hear singing.

*blink* *blink*

Apr. 24th, 2017 02:21 pm
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I am in the phase of meds in which I have All The Energies -- and have been awake since about 6. In that time I have: paid bills; done a thorough review in Second Life of all the avatars who have been banned from the region where I am an admin, unbanned some who are no longer a threat or problem, and made a list of those banned by others about whom I have no details; prepared soup broth, made a large pot of barley with garlic, celery and carrots with it for breakfasts, and packaged into the freezer four boxes of leftover broth; planned out a letter that I am too lightheaded to write at the moment but will complete tomorrow when I'm not in such a hurryup mode; found the location of next weekend's Bead Bazaar so I can go; found out that Whole Foods opens at 7 am so I can get there very early on another early morning and not have to deal with a full parking lot (and get fresh sourdough bread.)

Also ate breakfast and lunch, went outside with Beautifulcat and adjusted the plastic covering the crack in the Folly so the current rain won't come in, coaxed her in, let her out again, coaxed her back in again.

And went through my usual five mailboxes of email. And posted twice to DW with links.

And it's only 2:25 pm.

I expect that when I am off these meds I'll probably sleep for most of a week.


Apr. 24th, 2017 05:24 am
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"One lesson America needs to understand is that the Holocaust did not begin with killing or gassing, but rather with words.

"In my work as a scholar of American Jewish history, I examine the Jewish experience in the United States and consider whether the near-obliteration of European Jewry could have been avoided through the adoption of different policies by countries throughout the world in the 1930s. For example, the experience of the infamous SS St. Louis teaches us the important power of executive orders, the words they use, and the messages they send -- not only to those immigrants who clamor to come to the United States but also to the larger world.

"The SS St. Louis left Hamburg in May 1939, carrying 937 German Jews -- many of whom had been imprisoned in concentration camps -- seeking to flee Nazi Germany. They all had valid visas for entry in the coming years but had to leave Germany immediately for their safety. Denied entry to the United States out of the preposterous popular misconception of their being German spies, the 937 Jews were sent back to Europe to await the calling up of their visa numbers. These passengers resettled in Europe, but many fell back into Nazi hands. As a result, over a quarter of these US visa-holding Jews perished in the Holocaust."

-- Rebecca Kobrin, 2017-04-23

"'[Spencer] said that America belongs to white people. His statement that white people face a choice of 'conquer or die' closely echoes Adolf Hitler's view of Jews and that history is a racial struggle for survival,' the museum said. Then it offered a history lesson to anyone who has forgotten: 'The Holocaust did not begin with killing; it began with words.'

"Those words eventually led the Nazi party, which came into power legitimately in Germany, to kill 6 million Jews and millions more Communists, Gypsies, Poles, gay people and people with disabilities."

-- Julie Zauzmer (quoting from a statement from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum), 2016-11-22

[You can find plenty of hits for reminders that the Holocaust began with words. That remains a really important reminder, but also look at the other reminders different authors attach to that one.]

Today is:
Gregorian: 2017 April 24
Julian: 2017 April 11
Hebrew: 5777 Nisan 28 -- Yom HaShoah, Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day (started last night)
Islamic: 1438 Rajab 27
Persian: 1396 Ordibehesht 04
Indian: 1939 Vaisakha 04
Coptic: 1733 Paremoude 16


Apr. 23rd, 2017 05:24 am
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From the Quotation of the day mailing list, 2014-02-18:

"If your mind is expansive and unfettered, you will find yourself in a more accommodating world, a place that's endlessly interesting and alive. That quality isn't inherent in the place but in your state of mind. The warrior longs to communicate that all of us have access to our basic goodness and that genuine freedom comes from going beyond labels and projections, beyond bias and prejudice, and taking care of each other." -- Pema Chodron


(submitted to the mailing list by Rob Wood)

(no subject)

Apr. 22nd, 2017 07:18 pm
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How can we create coalitions with disillusioned former Trumpists and Trumpistas? We need to find some way to help them put their disillusionment to good use, without losing our own path or principles. On what points do we see the same way?

Gray is a kind of black

Apr. 22nd, 2017 05:55 am
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50 years ago, it was hip to say that Bugs Bunny was queer (cross-dresses, kisses Elmer Fudd). Now we hear that he’s Black. There’s a whole list of Black cartoon characters, but it doesn’t include my totemic hero, Wile E. Coyote. I guess he’s Native American.

Thanx to Metafilter


Apr. 22nd, 2017 05:24 am
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"In a perfect socialist society, only the people who really deserved it would catch tuberculosis. But alas, there is no ethical consumption under capitalism." -- Michael Yosef Miller [thanks to [info] realinterrobang for quoting this earlier]

(no subject)

Apr. 21st, 2017 08:04 am
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I will try, soon, to list the info I have on the SPF value of various oils, for anyone interested in making their own sunscreen. Not right this second. Getting up now to get ready for and go to that doctor visit to adjust meds.

The team’s execution

Apr. 21st, 2017 07:25 am
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I guess the death penalty is so bad that even keeping a piece of shit like Charlie Manson alive for 50 years at public expense is preferable. The latest is the Arkansas chemical farce, in which it turns out that the state refuses to do DNA tests that might exonerate two of the people it is eager to kill.

I never had strong feelings about the death penalty. (I was raised collectivist, so killing one person for the general good seemed more reasonable to me than it does to some.) I never thought it was terribly important to make sure that the individual was smart enough and sane enough to be executed. But if the state is going to kill somebody, the least it can do is take all reasonable means to make sure that they have the actual perp. This is nowhere near the first time that the collective lust to kill has overcome such technicalities. At best the death penalty is one of those nice things we can’t have because people are turds.

Thanx to Radley Balko, who is wonderful about keeping an eye on this sort of thing.


Apr. 21st, 2017 05:24 am
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"Mass propaganda discovered that its audience was ready at all times to believe the worst, no matter how absurd, and did not particularly object to being deceived because it held every statement to be a lie anyhow." -- Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism [via Goodreads]

experiments in sunscreen

Apr. 20th, 2017 04:59 pm
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I am sensitive to the active chemical ingredient(s) in every commercial sunscreen I've encountered. The usual ones, as in the Neutrogena moisturizers, started bothering me a decade ago -- put it on, and within 30 seconds taste something plastic in my mouth. The less usual ones, such as whatever is in Ombrelle, which I could get in Canada and from but not here, have also started to bother. I went without for a few years -- if you're ill you're not outdoors anyway -- but I am starting to look a bit more weathered than I like, so I wish to slow that.

And so I'm working at brewing my own.

I tried the recipe I found, in a book making one's own suncreens, and the author's grasp of the abilities of oils and so on is larger than her understanding of how to make them. It's obvious from the recipes that she's trying to make an emulsion without an emusifier -- nothing there to keep the water and oil mixed (I still don't see why she wanted water in the first place), and the amount of beeswax in it turned Experiment #1 into a solid white non-wicked candle that smelled interesting and was useless.

Today I tried experiment #2. Olive oil (spf 4-8), sunflower oil (spf unknown, but texturally and chemically close to natural body oils), shea butter to thicken it (spf 8 or so), a teaspoon of carrot oil (spf very high, something like 40?), 2 tablespoons of non-nano zinc powder (high spf). Microwave the oils and butter, add carrot oil when shea butter is melted, whisk in zinc powder (it *will* mix but bits will go to the boottom so this takes a while). Then I added and whisked in a half-teaspoon or so of Bare Minerals powder foundation, which is spf 15, so the mess wouldn't be dead white. Put it in a jar, let it cool and solidify.

What I have is a thin creme that stays on where I put it, doesn't rub off easily, doesn't run. And appears to protect for about a spf 15 level, which is what I was aiming at.

Further experiments will commence when I finish working with this batch.

ETA: SPF is a measurement of how much sun protection is available. SPF 4 means you could be out 4 times as long as without it. It's not an ingredient.
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Jim Wright makes the elitist suggestion that we have things done by people who know how to do them.

huh. it stopped raining...

Apr. 20th, 2017 11:38 am
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Seeing the dr. tomorrow to adjust meds. It's time; I'm dealing with a morning headache that should not be there, as well as some physical-in-the-body stress. It's prednisone; that comes with problems, as a given, but I've dealt with it before. As long as the draw-down is steady and careful I hope not to have much difficulty.

Mandatory Jollity

Apr. 20th, 2017 05:39 am
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Good cheer can be one of the more onerous requirements of work. And of course it’s worse for women.

Thanx to Metafilter


Apr. 20th, 2017 05:33 am
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Nisi Shawl looks at The Jewels of Aptor.

Thanx to


Apr. 20th, 2017 05:24 am
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"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little." -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt (b. 1882-01-30, d. 1945-04-12; President of the United States 1933-03-04 to 1945-04-12), Second Inaugural Address, 1937-01-20

The US Drone Warfare Program

Apr. 20th, 2017 01:10 am
[syndicated profile] project_censored_feed

Posted by admin

Today’s show is devoted to the US drone warfare program, its consequences for targeted populations, and activists’ efforts to stop it. Selay Ghaffar with the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan joins in by phone from Kabul, and explains who the actual victims of drone strikes are. And three California peace activists (Toby Blome, Eleanor Levine and […]

The post The US Drone Warfare Program appeared first on Project Censored.

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This is a test post to see if I can crosspost from my RSS feed.


Apr. 19th, 2017 05:28 pm
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There is a Markov-tastic meme about making a dating profile from your phone's autosuggest. Here's mine:

My name is E on Radio 4.
My name is David from our faceless master of science.
My age is just a beautiful-sounding the Tories governing body of the Trinity or the victim's opinion.
My age is pretty shite.
My age is just a beautiful-sounding I will be vexatious to these churches.
I live in the Basic Subjects.
I live in a few weeks and then put them on my way home.
I live in the future of our games.
I was born in Pendleton Oregon USA [nb I have never been to Oregon]
My body is you need anything from me that you have tarantulas of Lords.
My body and mind and body of a monogamous anything.
I am looking for some time ago but this time around I will avoidbringing to some people.
I enjoy working with you and your family and friends.
I enjoy your knuckles of homosexual.
I enjoy being the best of the Archbishop.
My ideal partner is you can look for it to you and I think it was a Christian primary to these but I'd love it--of Lords to my butchness to these things I get freaked.
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I've been busy, busy, BUSY!

Resistance work is demanding, y'all.

One of my recent activities was to participate in a panel at Catholic University in DC on whether prolife people can be feminist. It was a fascinating look at the friction between the prolife movement and those folk who are at odds with many of the prolife movement's regressive policies...but really dig those policies that seek to shame, manipulate, and control women.


Anyhoo, I want to correct one thing I said during the discussion. While attempting a clever response to panelists critique of a Teen Vogue article on how folk can support someone who has had an abortion, I had a verbal malfunction and said something along the lines of Teen Vogue gets things wrong.


Teen Vogue gets so much RIGHT and I'll gladly write that 100 times on a chalk board to atone for getting that response SO DAMN WRONG.

Just look at all of these Teen Vogue articles getting shit right!



My opening remarks are below and you can check out a video of the discussion here.

I would like to thank Catholic University for inviting me to participate on this panel. As a Missourian who grew up hearing Missouri native and infamous anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly rail against feminism as a threat to families and peace on earth, I must admit to a certain measure of surprise that people who identify as prolife are seeking inclusion in the feminist movement. I’ve been a reproductive justice organizer and activist for over a decade, so very little shocks me anymore. This one gave me pause.

Feminism is an action agenda to secure the social, economic, and political equality of women. The prolife movement seeks to deny women access to abortion, birth control, fertility treatments, give employers the right to deny coverage for the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare, and defund reproductive healthcare providers. In Missouri, the prolife movement has even pushed legislation that would require a woman get permission from a man to gain access to abortion. In its quest to make abortion illegal and criminalize providers and the women who have abortions by any means necessary, the prolife movement has aligned with regressive politicians who seek to limit access to the vote, push legislation like Stand Your Ground that has denied countless mothers the right to raise their children in safe communities, dismantle and block access to healthcare that would dramatically improve deplorable maternal and infant mortality rates, not to mention provide funding for programs that enable people with disabilities and seniors to live and participate in our communities. Prolife has lifted-up politicians who promote immigration policies that define babies as “anchors” and mothers as “illegal” opportunistic hustlers, and who are moving to destroy environmental protections that will impact the health and safety of future generations.

I live in a city where a 13-year-old child was legally shot dead for ruffling through a car, where Mike Brown was murdered, and where a Black mother named Anna Brown died in agony on a jailhouse floor for having the audacity to seek emergency care without insurance coverage. I live in a region caught in the consequences of the prolife agenda, where there are neighborhoods with an infant mortality rate that is worse than some developing countries, like Uzbekistan and Vietnam. There’s a mandatory 72 hour waiting period for abortion, one provider left in the state, and over 30 bills to further restrict access moving in the legislature, but Black babies are four times more likely to die in their first year than white babies, Black mothers are three times more likely to die after or during childbirth, but we can’t get a hearing on expanding healthcare coverage to try and improve those numbers because the legislature can’t be bothered.

No, one cannot be prolife and be a feminist too.

I can appreciate the attraction of feminism as women seek ways to survive the Trump regime. Our nation is now led by a man who thinks women who experience sexual harassment should just get another job, who has a history of boorish behavior that was alarming in a business context and is horrifying to behold in the commander and chief, and who just floated a budget proposal that threatens the stability of millions of households, particularly those led by women.

It is possible to support, find comfort, and feel empowered by parts of feminism without being feminist. It is not possible to support the prolife movement and be a feminist.

Reburying the undead

Apr. 19th, 2017 06:14 am
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World Fantasy Con realizes that Lovecraft doesn’t belong on the nominee pins either.

Thanx to File 770

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