May. 25th, 2016 06:34 am
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For myself, he opened the possibilities of the language like very few others did, and he opened up the possibilities of America the way nobody else did. He solved all the conundrums of the country and invented new ones. He learned all the country's spells and cast a few of his own. The America he invented is a glorious place and the real one that he improved is better for his having been born. And him? He's still on the road, heading for another joint. Thank god there are still joints. Thank god he's still here to head to them.
Charles Pierce wishes Bob Dylan a happy birthday.


May. 25th, 2016 06:22 am
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Venmo gives you new ways to be petty.

Thanx to Metafilter

Throw some meat between them

May. 25th, 2016 05:54 am
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Sex haters notice that Trump’s hates don’t overlap enough with theirs.

Thanx to [ profile] twistedchick

ETA: And The Rude Pundit says (without using the 7 words), “Show me the money, Donald.”


May. 25th, 2016 05:24 am
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"They profess to think that the strong are more ennobled than tempted by their strength, and the weak more instructed than crippled by their weakness. Everybody in the universe knows that's bullshit. -- Michael Kempster, Facebook, comments [thanks to [info] realinterrobang for quoting this earlier]


May. 24th, 2016 03:11 pm
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There is a meme that attacks scientific ignorance. It says, “52% of the population refutes the Big Bang theory.” At this time, no one can refute the Big Bang theory; 52% of the population denies the Big Bang theory.

Mark Lane

May. 24th, 2016 05:36 pm
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To honor the recent passing of JFK-assassination researcher Mark Lane, Project Censored presents a rebroadcast of an interview with Lane, done in 2013 as part of a series on the 50th anniversary of the assassination. Lane challenged the official story of the assassination from the very beginning, testified twice before the Warren Commission, and wrote several books […]

The post Mark Lane appeared first on Project Censored.

The Past Is an Alien Planet

May. 24th, 2016 11:50 am
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I may have first thought of the literature of the past as a kind of science fiction when I saw the The No-Fear Scarlet Letter, with the original and an "easy-to-understand translation" on facing pages (and it is of course half again as old as it was when I read it). Jane Austen’s books read like tales of an alien culture that needs explanation, and of course Jo Walton found the customs detailed in Anthony Trollope’s mimetic works so strange that she ascribed them to cannibal dragons, in Tooth and Claw. Even Henry James is old enough by now to be fantastic: Daisy Miller must die because she spoke to an Italian outdoors after dark. WTF?

This post was inspired by [ profile] mrissa’s excellent discussion of Too Like the Lightning and [ profile] nellorat meeting the challenges of making A Room with a View intelligible to her students.


May. 24th, 2016 11:30 am
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Today is better. it really is. )
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The UK wages war upon psychoactive substances, which of course does not include alcohol and caffeine.

Thanx to [ profile] andrewducker


May. 24th, 2016 07:31 am
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The flags we placed on the moon have all turned white, which is an excellent metaphor for what happened to our effort to escape the ass end of the gravity well.

Thanx to File 770

Hostile takeover

May. 24th, 2016 07:23 am
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[personal profile] supergee has been pounded in the butt by Chuck Tingle.

Thanx to File 770

Fail better

May. 24th, 2016 06:38 am
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Kameron Hurley says, “Don’t quit.”

ETA: Oh, and her nonfiction book, The Geek Feminist Revolution, is about to be published. Read it.


May. 24th, 2016 06:17 am
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Listening to Johnny Cash & Jerry Lee Lewis in my teenage years, I never figured my first visit to Music City would be for a two-woman wedding, but it was and we had a great time. Felicitations, Terry & Luisa. We made it back OK despite the incompetence of Orbitz.


May. 24th, 2016 05:24 am
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"MSM don't give ppl 'what they want.' They give ppl very narrow choices, ppl then 'choose' among those, & it becomes 'what the ppl want.'" -- David Rankin (@davidrankin) 2016-05-20

And the non-Twitter-size version would be this quote I grabbed several years ago and hadn't gotten around to til now:

Bill Moyers:   Glenn, what stories are you covering that you think are being ignored by mainstream press?
Glenn Greenwald:   Well, let's start with the fact that there is a very widespread perception, one that's growing with more and more revelations, by the day. That what the United States did over the last eight years, in terms of how we detained people, how we interrogated people, how we tortured people and kidnapped them, and shipped them off to black sites, where they were completely disappeared is something that is not only disgraceful, and a fundamental violation of what we claim our political values to be but are crimes. Very serious war crimes. If you look at political discussions that take place on most major television no shows, about that. What you'll find is this implied consensus that Americans don't want their political leaders spending time on investigations and looking to the past. And that's absolutely false. It's a case where public opinion is distorted. Polls show that large numbers of Americans, even 50 percent believe that there should be investigations into whether or not crimes were committed. Because if we don't investigate when our political leaders break the law, it means that there's no rule of law. Look at our policy toward Israel, and this continuous blind support for whatever the Israeli government does. Something that's about to get even more harmful to our interests now that there's a very right wing extremist party with racist factions within the government in Israel. Polls show that if you ask Americans do you think the U.S. Government should be on the side of Israel, on the side of the Palestinians, or should be even-handed? Seventy percent, seven out of ten, will say that the government should be even-handed in that conflict. And yet, that is an opinion that is virtually never heard. Debates about our policy toward Israel is something that is essentially frozen out. You can go across those issues, and find the same dynamic.

-- from the PBS television program Bill Moyers Journal, 2009-04-03

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Best Gas Grills 2016Weber is certainly one considering the well-known suppliers of different sorts of grills including the pot grill, the charcoal barbeque, and also the gas grill.

Several may well locate these grills low-priced simply because some in the Weber barbeque items are definitely affordable. Nonetheless, some may perhaps also enjoy these grills costly since you can find Weber grill products that genuinely don’t arrive cheap. Look at this really a sole with the a favorite brands of grills, several happen to be canvassing with respect to Weber things in a number of retailers, hoping that they may get special discounts.

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They’re remarkable for newbie barbecue users, as they can be fast and quick to put together, with very quick cooking circumstances. They’re captivated at a little the press button, and you are able to adjust the temperature to be sure even preparing there’s also genuinely little smoke a cigarette when utilizing the grill. Understanding how to use this selection of grill is incredibly essential, and safety needs to be followed every day.

This barbeque will help you prepare a wide selection meals to help you make a total meal in which will enjoy. Just usually to get your choice of various meats and plant merchandise regarding the barbeque and hold out while it visits work.

This kind of variety of foodstuff that you simply can easily prepare is very up to you however you ought to positively include numerous sausages, several steak and pork grinds as well as crunchy vegetables just like peppers and sweet hammer toe.

It is recommended that to relax and play use an individual BBQ thermometer to gauge the temperature in the food to ensure that your food is appropriately cooked, and also you ought to stay clear of pushing the temperature probe into any kind of fat pouches or as well close to any kind of large our bones from the meats as this will likely produce incorrect readings.

By the end on the cigarette smoking procedure, the barbeque meals are going to become smoked and cooked to perfection within your Weber gas grill. To get the finest outcomes, and this need to go without saying, stay away from boiling any meat just before barbecuing since this pumps out the taste from your foods.

If you’re looking towards the summer then the Weber genesis barbeque propane gas grills is a fantastic method to prepare meals and dedicate your day away inside backyard.

The post Weber Gas grills is best gas grills 2016 appeared first on Research online before buying in store.

so . . .

May. 23rd, 2016 05:26 pm
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Saw Captain America. Read more... )

This week's Penny Dreadful was . . . Read more... )

Officially my online summer I (the next 5 weeks) class started today.Read more... )


May. 23rd, 2016 05:24 am
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" people think trans people have been dealing with a multi-decade UTI, and only just started peeing this year?
The only time you should care about how someone else pees is if they're peeing on you, your floor, or your shoes."
-- Seanan McGuire (@seananmcguire), two tweets, 2016-05-19

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I was going to do this even before [personal profile] thirdblindmouse posted her incredibly useful spreadsheet.

Here follow some pretty interesting vid ideas (song+source combos) which I regret that I will not be making. If any of you feel like taking them up, feel free.

I Smile - Kirk Franklin
Shirley character study

Flesh and Blood - The Waifs
The women of Deadwood all have secrets

Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry
where "funky music" = wormhole knowledge, and love of crew. Crichton learns to get his funk on.

Blue Shadows on the Trail - Syd Straw cover from Stay Awake
Aeryn Sun character study. Aeryn starts out afraid of emotions, and particularly of her feelings for Crichton. This is about her growth from Peacekeeper to person. I love the idea of Aeryn the lonesome cowgirl. I can't find this song online anywhere; if you'd like to hear it, ping me.

My Backyard - Erin Brazil and the Brazillionaires
Nina Sharp character study. Klezmer! I can't find this song online anywhere; if you'd like to hear it, ping me.

I Have Become - Mister Tim
Walter character study. I can't find this song online anywhere; if you'd like to hear it, ping me.

Jeremiah or Deadwood
When in Rome - Nickel Creek
How we live in hell. This could work great for either show -- or hey, some kind of post-apocalyptic multi-source vid?

Orange is the New Black
Neptune's Jewels - Mystic
Poussey loves Taystee

The Power of Bhangra - Snap! vs Motivo mashup
Oh god, just LISTEN to it! And for Club Vivid, right? RIGHT???

Six Feet Under
Stay - Jorane
Lisa character study. Within her obsession, she both knows and doesn't know how Nate really feels about her. And she still sees him after her death.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Imagine - A Perfect Circle cover
John Connor knows he's doomed. His destiny is to save the world for everyone but himself.

sourdough considerations

May. 22nd, 2016 04:52 pm
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Over time, something happened to my sourdough starter -- it got stronger, and bitter. So I had to toss it out -- the bread made with it was nearly inedible -- and start over. The new starter seems stronger, also, so I am using less, proportionally. The new proportion for the flatbread is this: 1 heaping tsp of sourdough starter in a bowl with 1 cup of whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup of whole sesame seed, a drizzle of olive oil and 1 cup of water; stir and leave overnight. The next day, add 1-1/2 cup of flour, stir in, then knead, roll out and bake. For yesterday's batch I added rye flour because we were nearly out of wheat. It rolled out flat, and baked up crisp and tasty, strong enough to take a spread of roasted-garlic hummus or herb tahini or almond butter, without that nasty overly sour-to-bitter flavor.

I love that it's an adjustable recipe, that it is something I can change to suit the situation without having it "fail". I am coming to think that the only time a recipe fails is when the result is entirely inedible. A fallen cake? That's not failure. That's brownies.
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May. 22nd, 2016 05:24 am
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From the Quotation of the day mailing list, 2016-05-03:

"Most of what I try fails, but these failures are often invisible, while the successes are visible. I have noticed that this sometimes gives others the impression that most things work out for me. As a result, they are more likely to attribute their own failures to themselves, rather than the fact that the world is stochastic, applications are crapshoots, and selection committees and referees have bad days. This CV of Failures is an attempt to balance the record and provide some perspective." -- Johannes Haushofer, a professor at Princeton, from his CV of Failures.


(submitted to the mailing list by Terry Labach)

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Exciting News! Recently, consumer advocate, attorney, and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader invited Project Censored director Mickey Huff to speak at his historic “Breaking Through Power” event in Washington D.C., at Constitution Hall. Day two of the four day event, Tuesday May 24th, focuses on Breaking Through the Media, which is where Project Censored will […]

The post Project Censored Invited to Speak at Ralph Nader’s Breaking Through Power in D.C. appeared first on Project Censored.

like a night in the forest

May. 21st, 2016 11:27 pm
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When John Denver says "you fill up my senses like a night in the forest", is that supposed to be a compliment? Because I don't get it.

Forest floors are full of stones and roots, and dead needles if it's a pine forest, and you can't get comfortable. There are mosquitos hanging around, as well as other nasties that want to bite you. It pours with rain, and then the trees carry on dripping on you for hours.

It gets really really dark, with weird rustling noises, which is terrifying if you can't find your way out of the forest. And if you CAN find your way out of the forest, why the hell are you still in the forest?

I'd assume forests are different where John Denver comes from, except I know they're even worse because there are venomous snakes and poison ivy.

So if someone said I filled up their senses like a night in the forest, I'd think they meant I look pretty good from a distance, but when you get up close you'll wish you hadn't. IDK, maybe that's what John Denver meant too.

(no subject)

May. 21st, 2016 01:27 pm
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Letter meme, from [personal profile] dine, who gave me B to play with:

Something I hate: boredom

Something I love: blue sky in summer, that clear deep blue that goes on forever

Somewhere I've been: Boston. Or Baahstun, for the sound quality.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Barcelona, because everything I've heard of it is wonderful

Someone I know: [personal profile] batdina

A film I like: Ball of Fire. Bringing Up Baby.

Anyone want to buy a letter, cheap?


May. 21st, 2016 06:41 am
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"A Canadian is merely an unarmed American with health care." -- John Wing

[I know, I know: also less fear of refugees, a reputation for politeness, a huge export market in comedians and actors, ... <<innocent look>> What, did I leave out something important about history and identity or something? ;-) ]

(no subject)

May. 21st, 2016 01:13 am
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It's been a day.

Jenny went to the vet to get her shots; she's now being de-fleaed, plus getting antihistamines for the itching and kitty Prozac for anxiety. She is not happy about it, but she has forgiven me for stuffing her into the carrying crate this morning, at least.

I went to get groceries, and had a collision on the way home -- my truck's fine, but the woman who scraped her car against the front bumper was not happy. And, by MD law, since I was coming into the other lane, it's my fault. Never mind that I had my turn signal on to change lanes, or that I looked before I moved, or that she was driving too fast. In New York state, she would be liable for some of it because of those things. Here? No. Between her and the insurance people (who were very nice) I still have the shakes and feel like hiding under the bed for the indeterminate future. It was, after all, the first accident I've had in 25 years.

And tomorrow is farmers' market day. I think I won't drive.

(no subject)

May. 20th, 2016 10:52 am
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I would pay someone actual cash money if they could prevent me from ever hearing again "There is obviously not a market for YA with LGBT characters which I know because of statistics and demographics and MAGIC" from people with WAY LESS KNOWLEDGE OF THE YA MARKET THAN I HAVE.

(I am lucky in that actual professional industry people have never been less than supportive of me on this subject. I'm just talking about random people on message boards.)

It is true that swooniness is a definite factor in the popularity of the most popular YA books. I personally don't find the gender of either love interest to be a factor in whether I find a book to be swoony, but probably some people do, OK, cool. If you advance 'demographics and statistics and MAGIC' as a reason why a book with a lesbian relationship isn't going to sell 8 million copies, well, I'll point out that going by demographics and statistics and MAGIC, 'Fifty Shades of Grey' shouldn't have had millions and millions of sales outside the BDSM community -- but I also won't think you're 100% wrong. (Actually my favorite love stories tend to be the ones where I really believe in the emotional arc of the relationship, whether or not I find any character in the book dreamy, which is GOOD, because I am an OLD, and I should not be swooning over any YA book character.) All right. So there's still room for thousands and thousands of books that are not ultra-bestsellers, that you hear of if you're paying attention and maybe don't hear about otherwise. To say 'there is no market' erases all the people who see that not as something carved on a stone tablet, but something that can be changed -- that they are working hard to change by reading, and writing, and talking about books.

Bookstores and publishers and agents and librarians and bloggers have a lot of room to do better, with regard to all the books that fall under the radar. But I don't think that writers can react to the realities of the market with the kind of glib despair that says 'It is what it is, I will only write the kind of books that I assume will sell well.' I'd rather acknowledge that it might be an uphill path at times and say 'Hey, I'm not afraid of walking up a hill.'

(no subject)

May. 20th, 2016 08:08 am
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Dirty tricks on the floor of the House of Representatives.

I'll try to sort this one out a bit; the article is not written as clearly as it could be.

1. Obama issued an executive order, saying religious institutions that receive federal contracts and grants cannot be discriminated against on the basis of religion.

2. Republicans call it a religious freedom issue; Democrats say it is an anti-LGBT issue, because religious organizations receiving federal funding can then fire people for being gay or trans without losing that funding.

3. An amendment proposed by Rep. Sean Maloney would have prohibited the use of federal funds for that executive order -- this was an amendment to the Defense Authorization Act; it is not uncommon to tack assorted amendments onto large bills that must be passed.

Now, quoting the article:

When the clock ran out, votes stood at 217-206, with 35 Republicans joining Democrats to approve the amendment. But then one by one, five Republicans switched their votes to nay.

People started booing, chanting “shame” and saying various other things such as, “Make the order,” “votes are done,” and “let’s go!” Making the order refers to proclaiming the amendment defeated or approved, based on the current votes.

But the votes continued to slowly tick down, until the amendment was defeated 213-212, with 30 Republicans voting for approval. Then the amendment was declared defeated.

Democrats continued to chant “shame,” even as Republicans tried to continue with the bill. Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) eventually asked for a recount, and then withdrew the request.

My question: who rigged the vote counter to run after the timeclock ran out? And is that going to be fixed now?

In other matters, Obama is going to sign an executive order protecting the gay employees who work for federal contractors.

Haters gonna hate

May. 20th, 2016 06:20 am
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Just because Trump focuses on Mexicans and Muslims doesn’t mean he can’t appeal to the older traditions.


May. 20th, 2016 05:24 am
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"They say women only use 10% of their anger" -- @macchiatonumb, 2016-01-13

huh. *That's* interesting.

May. 19th, 2016 05:56 pm
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I just looked up my daily horoscope on Astrodienst.

Today: the moon is in the seventh house. Jupiter is aligned with Mars (and both aligned with the moon.)

Where's the Fifth Dimension, and Rado and Ragni, when I need them?
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The prednisone decrease is ongoing, and I am starting to feel it. If the side effect of taking it was euphoria -- according to my doctor -- to me it felt like self-assurance, calm and the absolute lack of anxiety. So, what I am getting into now (with about six or seven weeks left of drawdown) is mild bitchyness. Well, I think it's mild. I haven't ripped off the heads of sparrows or anything, though I tend to swear more and just say what I think, which... I'm glad the SU and I have been married this long and he's good at understanding that when I let loose about something it doesn't mean anything more than letting loose.

But in Second Life, where I have authority and standing as one of the people who runs a newcomer area, I have to behave myself. So, instead, I have been taking out my frustrations in useful ways, by checking out *other* newcomer areas in other languages -- because at least a third and sometimes half of the people that come to where I am helping out in English actually need help in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Turkish... a tour of places that we need )

What would really help, of course, in offline real life , is about 10 degrees more warmth outside and losing the sinus thing in my nose that is making my eyes water, so that I don't want to go renew my driver's license because it makes me worry about the vision test. But that will come, one of these days.

On the good side, the bread I'm making every few days is getting thoroughly beaten up, er, kneaded, and the soup I'm making is very good. This helps. I can have small amounts of coffee again, and good tea, and my photography skills are improving. I've been taking photos of the flowers and plants in the yard, and posting them to Facebook, and now I can do better exposure compensation with the camera for when the sun is playing tricks on petals. I've even gotten some photos with raindrops on leaves and petals, and reflections in them. That's pretty good, considering there's usually a breeze moving it all.

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