May. 2nd, 2016 06:21 am
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Back in the 60s, education radicals said that the school system was merely a matter of teachers telling the kids Revealed Truths and then grading them on how correctly they regurgitated those doctrines on an exam. Oversimplified, of course, but yesterday’s satire is today’s news, and we now have a perfect example.

The NFL draft has just concluded. Alleged experts told us who should draft whom, and now they are grading the teams. But of course, no one knows anything about how well the teams drafted until actual games are played. After the season, a preliminary evaluation can be made, but it’s probably best to wait several years. So the experts are grading the teams on how correctly they regurgitated what the experts told them.


May. 2nd, 2016 05:24 am
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"The War on Terror started with over 3,000 people being killed in a terrorist attack on your own soil. It has since cost the U.S. over 5 trillion dollars -- money that could have been used to save far more lives than were lost in the first place, if they had been provided with adequate health care." -- Pete Ross, "Here's the Thing So Many Americans Can't Grasp About Bernie Sanders", 2016-04-26

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Your contempt is not worth a poem
but this much remains to be said:

my memories of you are a better friend
than the man I see now, bitter and cold.

What could have changed you, I don't know.
There's no Rosetta stone to decipher.

This world has many roads
that do not cross often, if at all.
It's a good thing.

One road's complexities
look simple from another's view

but the brambles at our feet still need
to be walked through one step at a time.

Fly where you will, you cannot avoid them.

Brief answers

May. 1st, 2016 06:06 am
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Are we facing an epidemic of harmful anal sex, brought on only because of the availability of online porn?



May. 1st, 2016 05:24 am
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[Happy Beltane to all my Pagan friends celebrating that today! Happy Labour Day (most places outside the US) / International Workers' Day, to everyone who does work for a living or politically supports those who do! And to my Orthodox family and friends, a blessed Easter! Χριστος Ανεστη! Christ is risen! Here's a small collection of quotations for today's collection of holidays.]

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." -- The Gospel According to Matthew, 11:28 (KJV)

"For the historian's test of greatness is not, 'What did he accumulate?' It is not, 'What did he build up to tumble down on his head?' — not that at all, but this: Was the world different because he lived? Did he start men to think along fresh lines with a vigor and vitality that persisted after him? By this test Jesus stands first." -- H. G. Wells (b. 1866-09-21, d. 1946-08-13), in American Magazine (I don't know what date)

"In regards to the price of commodities, the rise of wages operates as simple interest does, the rise of profit operates like compound interest.

"Our merchants and masters complain much of the bad effects of high wages in raising the price and lessening the sale of goods. They say nothing concerning the bad effects of high profits. They are silent with regard to the pernicious effects of their own gains. They complain only of those of other people." -- Adam Smith (b. 1723-0-05 (Julian) / 1723-06-16 (Gregorian), d. 1790-07-17), An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776)

"Mirth seems to explode around us as we approach the season of Beltane. Nature seems to be slipping on her best dress and looking for a good time. [...] Mirth is an expression of gratitude to whatever gods you believe it. It is enjoyment of the gift the universe has given you. To ignore it is to waste that precious gift and thumb your nose the gods, God, the Universe, or whoever you believe gave it to you. In this way, mirth may be the highest and most spiritual virtue I can think of. So dance, sing, feast, make music, and love. For the sake of the gods, open up a bottle of mirth any time you can!" -- Tim Titus, "Virtues of the Goddess: Mirth", 2016-04-27

"For Pagans, especially those who identify as Wiccans or Witches, our bodies, this life, and the Earth are sacred. In the tradition of 'Remember thou art Goddess,' this physical world and this current life are expressions of the divine, so why not have just as much fun as the gods do? Why not celebrate them? As far as I'm concerned, that should apply to all faiths. I'm not here to tell other religions what to do, but it seems to me that if your God created you as well as sex, dancing, wine, and other sources of fun, then it's probably alright if you utilize His creation." -- ibid.

well, that was fun

May. 1st, 2016 01:20 am
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As it has turned out, I'm allergic to the new long-term medicine that was supposed to get me off the prednisone. Spent the day talking to doctors and advise nurses, and the evening at the urgent care getting an IV with antihistamines and more steroid to combat the swelling on the side of my throat and elsewhere that came and went all day.

And now I have more meds to take, to continue to offset the one dose of the new med as it washes out of my body...

But I am still here. This counts.

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Apr. 30th, 2016 08:14 am
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My friend at Adelphi Friends Meeting, Chloe Schwenke, spoke at a local TED conference a few months ago, and her talk on being transgender is now available: The unexpected champions of human dignity. Please feel free to pass this on.
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What if Casey went to LA, and then came back?

I started this AU about three years ago, trying to make something simple with limited source, and very quickly got in over my head. I was trying to piece together a whole miserable life for Casey out of clips from Six Feet Under, promo material of Peter Krause, and found footage of Hollywood. And the vid kept getting bigger and bigger under my hands. The project soon revealed itself to be all about sourcing material (insert the usual vidder whine about the clipping process) as opposed to fun editing challenges, and I got bored very quickly.

If I'm honest with myself, I think that even though the vid was destined for a happy ending, it was also making me too sad.

This is very patchy, but hopefully the lyrics will help you fill in the gaps. I recommend sticking around for the line about 27 birds.

Coney Island
by Good Old War

I found a letter in the mailbox today
And I said, "thank you for your thoughts, but I'm done."
I said that I would never build this up right here
And he said, "that's why I can't work with you son."

But I can't let this go I'm on my way
You can only hold my diamond ring
But I'll go crawling back to the city I love
Cause it's already taken everything

I'm going to Coney Island have myself a dog
And reminisce why I still hate it here
It's all these people with their cotton candy eyes
It's so sweet, now put the train in gear

But I can't let this go I'm on my way
You can only hold my diamond ring
But I'll go crawling back to the city I love
Cause it's already taken everything

The ground is swallowing my options full release
And if it rains they might just disappear
I counted 27 birds up there today
I'm thinking that's why I still love it here
I'm thinking that's why I still love it here

But I can't let this go I'm on my way
You can only hold my diamond ring
But I'll go crawling back to the city I love
Cause it's already taken everything
Cause it's already taken everything


Apr. 30th, 2016 05:24 am
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"Red tape sticks on both sides, Director." -- Dr. Engelbright, in Skin Horse by Shaenon K. Garrity & Jeffrey C. Wells, 2016-03-25 (and yes, I knew literal red tape that the idiom springs from isn't sticky, as a commenter pointed out -- but metaphorcally, this works)


Apr. 29th, 2016 05:24 am
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"I'm not a human, I am a dove
 I'm your conscience, I am love
 All I really need is to know that you believe"

  -- Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson, b. 1958-06-07, d. 2016-04-21), "I Would Die 4 U"

[Today is Orthodox Good Friday. Western Easter was kinda early this year, and Orthodox Easter is kinda late, so there's an especially long gap between the two this year. Next year they'll both be on the same day, then the following two years after that they'll be a week apart.]

“The woman’s card”

Apr. 28th, 2016 06:14 am
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Man who’s running for president because he played a successful businessman on television claims that former senator and cabinet member never did anything but be a woman. The Rude Pundit discusses. (Uses language.)


Apr. 28th, 2016 05:24 am
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"As a kid growing up with epilepsy, I made myself colorful as a survival strategy.

"Age 14, a sharp, distinct, intentional before and after: Before seizures, I was the shy, quiet girl drowning in baggy kitten sweatshirts and Wrangler jeans; after seizures, I showed up to school in fishnets, combat boots, heavy black eyeliner, and dyed red-platinum-orange-pink-black (whatever fit the mood that week) hair. While the other kids whispered Karrie is on drugs, Karrie is nuts, Karrie pisses her pants, Karrie is faking, Karrie is a freak, I said fuck it. I will show them a freak. My clothes got weirder. My writing got weirder. My musical tastes got weirder. My art got weirder. I got weirder.

"I didn't know until years later that Prince did the same damn thing. Prince had epilepsy, too. Prince got freaky as survival strategy.

"In 2009, he talked about his epilepsy publicly for the first time on PBS with Tavis Smiley. 'From that point on,' he said, 'I've been having to deal with a lot of things, getting teased a lot in school. And early in my career I tried to compensate by being as flashy as I could and as noisy as I could.'

"Prince was a walking disability poetics.

"After that, when I listened to his music, I thought: Prince has a Sparkle Brain."

-- Karrie Higgins, "Prince and the Sparkle Brains (cw: disability, ableism, sexual abuse), 2016-04-23 [thanks to [info] - personal twistedchick for linking to this. As she and [info] - personal anonymous_sibyl pointed out, not an easy or comfortable read, but worth it.]

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The "common wisdom" that you have to worry more about anonymous strangers raping and assaulting and sexually abusing you?

It's a lie. It's a lie to cover up the fact that the people who really cause the most trouble in this way are the ones who are already in our lives.

The "funny" uncle that you don't want to be in the same room with, because of the way he looks at you. The guy you work with, who leans over to you and says, "I know where you live. I followed you home last week." The guy who dates the woman you work with, who, whenever he sees you, gets close enough to tell you under his breath and in detail exactly what he wants to do with you -- never mind that he is saying the same thing to every woman at the small company where you work, or that his girlfriend is somehow ignoring it all. The father of your friend from high school, who keeps trying to get you alone (you don't go), and who, you learn later, sexually abused all but his youngest daughter, repeatedly, which was ignored by his wife and everyone who hadn't been abused -- no counseling, no treatment, no accountability, and fucked-up lives. The guy at the party/gathering/convention/whatever who manages to corner you, away from the rest of the group, so he can feel you up and look offended when you push him off, as if it's your fault he's not getting what he wants. The guy who lives in the upstairs apartment, who tries to intimidate you with his size whenever he's in the elevator with you, regardless of whether others are there. The older male relative, not quite sober, who makes a crude joke and cruder gestures about the size of your breasts, and says out loud that the only reason you've been asked out is because the guy wants to get laid.

That's a part of my list. It is not all of it. There is no way to fit the whole list here.

more plain speaking -- if it becomes too plain, I do not apologize )

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Apr. 27th, 2016 10:24 am
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Four risk factors for burnout, and how to deal with them.

Rutland, VT, will host 100 refugees from Syria and Iraq.

The economic Ponzi scheme that is behind the way things work. Which is straight from the Chicago School of Economics, c. mid-1980s. The assumptions have not changed. This is not a good thing. Not everything needs to be monetized.

America can afford a universal basic income. I don't see it coming soon, though.

New York State stops taxing tampons and pads.

Nebraska ends civil forfeiture -- you must be convicted for your stuff to be taken away. Now, how about 49 other states follow that?


Rape culture:

The criminal case against Bill Cosby will proceed.

The hypocrisy of Utah's anti-porn crusade.

But at Brigham Young University, in Utah, women who report being sexually assaulted are punished by the honor code. Which I think is dishonorable in the extreme.

Lawsuit charges Kansas State officials with telling students that if they're raped off campus, it's their problem. The university will not investigate. Not even when it's the 11 rapes since 2012 at university fraternities.


The ideological vs. operational divide in the GOP.

Epigenetics, blurring the line between nature and nurture.

Everyone needs to know this about Ted Cruz: he went to the Supreme Court to argue that a man who had been mistakenly sentenced to 16 years instead of two years for petty theft should be forced to serve the whole time. Quote:

...The case reveals something interesting about Cruz’s character. Ted Cruz is now running strongly among evangelical voters, especially in Iowa. But in his career and public presentation Cruz is a stranger to most of what would generally be considered the Christian virtues: humility, mercy, compassion and grace. Cruz’s behavior in the Haley case is almost the dictionary definition of pharisaism: an overzealous application of the letter of the law in a way that violates the spirit of the law, as well as fairness and mercy....

Seymour Hersh on Saudi oil money bribes and killing Bin Laden -- which are not as separate as one might think.

The high plains of Colorado makes a new home for abused captive lions, tigers and bears.

Yes, the US had free colleges for a century. Does anyone remember this? I can recall when UCLA was tuition-free for anyone living in California.

Which Shakespeare play should you see? A flow chart.


Apr. 27th, 2016 06:15 am
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Scott Alexander takes a long, thoughtful look at David Hackett Fischer’s Albion’s Seed, a book that seems to me to explain a whole lot of what is worst in America. I also recommend American Nations, an expansion of the theory to more subcultures by Colin Woodard.


Apr. 27th, 2016 05:24 am
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"Around the rest of the world, Mr. Sanders represents a point on the political spectrum that is mildly left of centre. His 'wacky' ideas of free (and we'll get to that term a bit later) education, free healthcare, regulating banks and corporations and so on are all actually staple ideas of many of the happiest and most prosperous countries in the world. [...] Looking at the other candidates, Hillary Clinton would in most countries be considered right of centre, not left. Donald and Ted? Man, those guys are so far right of centre you couldn't plot where they exist-they're pretty much off the spectrum." -- Pete Ross, "Here's the Thing So Many Americans Can't Grasp About Bernie Sanders", 2016-04-25

state of the chick

Apr. 26th, 2016 01:37 pm
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Unnumbered dashes replacing bullet points:

-- Went *shopping*. At a mall. For bras. Did not find any, of course. Only went to one place, but may go back later to look at a few that I found that look slightly promising, after I have a little more energy.

-- This was after dealing with the pharmacy, at which I was an idiot -- I forgot I'd refilled one prescription by mail order, and the second one was not ready as it needs to be approved (again) by the doctor. And I sorted it out with the pharmacist that no, I can't pick up the third prescription until the test that says whether I can have it is back from the lab (which it's not.) But it makes pharmacists happy to have people ask questions, so there's that.

-- I have been sitting outside in the mornings, playing wooden flutes while Beautiful listens. She doesn't mind them. It's a bit of a trick to play the same thing on the bamboo six-hole flute and the pine Navajo flute -- they do not have the same notes in them. The bamboo has a wider range, the pine a soft sound that mixes in with the sounds of leaves and breeze. It seems that the birds like it also; they fly nearer (though still cautious, well above my height and often in the next yard.) I verified with the uphill neighbor (a jazz guitarist) that no, he would not mind if I played fiddle outdoors. I don't know the downhill neighbors that well, but I'm playing with a small mute on it because the fiddle is a loud-ass instrument for barn dances before microphones and amps were invented, and it knows how to make itself heard. I want it to be heard by *me* more than anyone, without overmuting it. But it will work out.

-- Today, however is Primary Day, with the nearest polling place half a block away and people cruising for parking spots, so I am not going anywhere.

-- But: I am not exhausted. I slept very well. I had coffee yesterday and I am having it again, and I seem to be acquiring my caffeine tolerance again. The digestion is behaving. Now to get an appointment for a haircut... and some new nail polish... and see what happens.


Apr. 26th, 2016 05:24 am
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"In times past, the question usually asked by women was 'How can we best help to defend our nation?' I cannot remember a time when the question on so many people's lips was 'How can we prevent war?' There is a widespread understanding among the people of this nation, and probably among the people of the world, that there is no safety except through the prevention of war. For many years war has been looked upon as almost inevitable in the solution of any question that has arisen between nations, and the nation that was strong enough to do so went about building up its defenses and its power to attack. It felt that it could count on these two things for safety." -- Eleanor Roosevelt (b. 1884-10-11, d. 1962-11-07), My Day (newspaper column) 1961-12-20

immigration issues

Apr. 26th, 2016 01:11 am
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Posted by admin

Peter and Mickey spend the hour examining immigration issues. They speak to two undocumented young adults who arrived in the US as children. Also on the show are two immigration attorneys, who explain the Obama Administration’s DACA and DAPA actions — one of which is now before the Supreme Court — and the millions of […]

The post immigration issues appeared first on Project Censored.

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The Homespun Ceilidh Band will be in the middle of Greenbelt, MD both days of Mother's Day weekend:

  • We're doing our annual spring concert at the Greenbelt Arts Center on Saturday, 7 May 2016, at 8:00 PM. Come in and sit with us for an intimate concert, hear favourite Celtic tunes, and help support the arts center. ($20 General Admission, $16 Students/Seniors/Military, $12 Youth. Call 301-441-8770 for more information or reservations.)
  • We're performing at the 12th annual Greenbelt Green Man Festival on Sunday, 8 May 2016 at 3:00 PM. Come see us outdoors on a fine spring afternoon after wandering around the festival, shopping for cool stuff from the vendors, seeing exhibits and enjoying craft activities, and hearing the other bands performing that day. You'll probably have more room to dance, if so inclined, at the festival.

Or make us really happy and come to both!

A Revelation

Apr. 25th, 2016 03:23 pm
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The day before a primary election is NOT a good day to stay home sick and try to get some rest.

The constant get-out-the-vote robocalls are the direct cause of the mini-tantrum I just had where I manually shredded the Official Democratic Party Poll that showed up in the mail.

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Apr. 25th, 2016 09:30 am
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Do you have a college degree? Want to work in Hawaii? Hawaii wants you.

Not a joke or a scam -- a generation of teachers is retiring, and Hawaii needs people to teach.


Apr. 25th, 2016 05:24 am
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"Leisure is the Mother of Philosophy." -- Thomas Hobbes (b. 1588-04-05, d. 1679-12-04)

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The following is a transcript of a speech given on April 16, in Oakland, CA, by By Peter Phillips A Socialist Action Public Forum: “Donald TRUMP and Co. Incipient Fascism in the U.S. today?” Neo Fascists, racists, and misogynistic people, always present is American society, are finding new voice with the Trump presidency bid. This is […]

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Apr. 24th, 2016 08:25 pm
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Sometimes I need to remember that there are more frightening things in the world than Ted Cruz, or the current Republican slate.

So I am watching The Ghost and The Darkness. Not because it is an excellent movie, but because it happened, very much the way the movie says, with the lions that hunted the workers at the bridge over the Tsavo river in ways that lions do not hunt, and with intelligence and guile that lions do not usually possess -- and no fear at all of humans. Male lions, hunting cooperatively, fearlessly, terrifying everyone human.

I have seen the lions from this, the real ones. The are in the Field Museum in Chicago. After they were killed, the skins were used for rugs -- walking on one's enemies -- for a long time, and they shrank a little, as leather will do when it dries. Then they were sent to the Field to be mounted by taxidermy. They are a foot shorter than they were alive -- they are 9 feet long, not 10 and more. They have no manes -- maneless male lions, a separate species from lions elsewhere.

They are still the most frightening thing in the Field Museum -- because their calm mounting does not reassure me. The back of my mind still goes into lizard brain, primeval, and the walls around me melt away.

Even now, so many years later, no one knows why they did what they did.

Sometimes, in this world, there are no answers.

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Apr. 24th, 2016 04:43 pm
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Prince and the sparkle brains. Fuck yeah. Not an easy read, but the best thing you will read this week.
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Politico: Delegates face death threats from Trump supporters.

White males aren't Trump's most common supporters. People with less education *are*. And if you consider that a college education generally includes having to mix with and learn from and with people who are very different than you are, thus exposing you to ideas that upset your home-grown prejudices... this is a big deal.


Apr. 24th, 2016 05:24 am
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From the Quotation of the day mailing list, 2016-01-10:

"It is a direct invasion of public space. It lays the counting, the pacing, the controlled frenzy, the Familiar undergarment-outergarments and skeletal look, on top of the ordinary practice of an outdoor walk. One thing that can be said for a gym is that an implied contract links everyone who works out in its mirrored and pungent hangar. All consent to undertake separate exertions and hide any mutual regard, as in a well-ordered masturbatorium. The gym is in this sense more polite than the narrow riverside, street, or nature path, wherever runners take over shared places for themselves. With his speed and narcissistic intensity the runner corrupts the space of walking, thinking, talking, and everyday contact. He jostles the idler out of his reverie. He races between pedestrians in conversation. The runner can oppose sociability and solitude by publicly sweating on them." -- Mark Greif, from his [wrong-headed -eds.] essay Against Exercise.

(submitted to the mailing list by Terry Labach)

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I am not, apparently, vidding anymore, but I like showing off my work as much as the next vidder. It occurred to me that I have had a handful of false starts as a vidder that might be enjoyable and/or instructive for other folks. More than that, I would really love some of these to be finished someday, even if not by me.

So here begins a series of VIP Amnesty posts: incomplete vids, with a few words about why I never finished them. And if anyone reading this wants to take them away and finish them (or make something of their own using these ideas), I say godspeed.

Feelin' Funkae

If you've been following me on Twitter, you know that I've been rewatching Leverage. I say rewatching, though originally I bailed after S3 because I wanted the show to be something that it wasn't trying to be. I wanted big arcs and deep character development and change over time, and Leverage was interested in being a big warm-hearted left-leaning episodic show. On returning to it, understanding that it only ever wanted to be Due South with heists instead of car chases and better women, I have found a deeper love for it.

This VIP is a heartbreaker, because it's almost done. Feelin' Funkae is an Alec Hardison vid that was meant to be huge, explosive, and full of impressive effects, and it was the tech that killed it. My brilliant idea was that in the huge guitar solo at the end, I'd recreate Hardison's signature video wall with six boxed clip sequences within the frame -- you can see a couple of short bits of this earlier in the vid.

I was (still) trying to learn Apple Motion, and I was working with subclips in Final Cut Pro for the first time, and I was working with m4v source for the first time. Final Cut was fine with the m4v format, but Motion had a heart attack: I'd set in points and Motion would move them around willy nilly. And basically, it broke my head, because I was fighting the tech the entire time, and I gave up in miserable frustration after about six months.

I watched it today for the first time in years, and I think there is about 85% of a really fun Hardison vid here. I really like the Parker part, and how she has her own special verse after the rest of the team is introduced. And of course, in my head the video wall sequence is unimaginably splendid. Oh well, can't have everything.

Feelin' Funkae
by Austin Willacy

God's on the atmosphone
choking on a chicken bone
George is in the bramble rows
stroking Martha's furbelow
Cupid's in the West Wing
fixing chitlins a la king
I'm on the tightrope
trying to knit myself a net

I'm squeezing electricity
From pure serendipitogenicity
A bubble bleeding anarchy
Troublesome and double-dealing
Bumblebee Roulette

I'm feelin'
Feelin' fine

Do that dance, do that dance, do the dance for me
The one where you played with the gravity
Scooping up the bell peppers in style
You're my cup of chamomile
Enraptured by the fruit in your navel
I stole the freaky seeds from your bedside table
And planted 'em upside down from the ceiling
They burrowed through the bathosphere and now

I'm feeling
Feelin' fine

Why trap your mind within your body
When you know your body's sinking?
One unprimatical sabbatical will
Radicalize your thinking
How can you generate a sonnet
When you're one of a million monkeys?
Some psychosophical banana should be
Summoning you to get

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I've been going through my dropbox.com files and trying to wrest some order out of what has become chaos (including electronic decluttering since I had the habit of just copying whole projects from one semester's file to another, so a lot of stuff built up).

The list of projects, which includes stuff I've done one presentation on, or new ideas I am all OO SHINY about, is daunting. I'm thinking of doing a screen cap and sharing just...because).

So sort of intersecting with my desire to jump more into DW, I decided to post about possible projects (and if I can just remember to tag, and/or save word documents, then I build up some stuff for the projects. So much to write about, so little time. One of the folders is dedicated to Melissa Scott--it has some copied of academic scholarship relating to her work which I gathered at one point. And then today a conversation on File 770 reminded me of one of her novels!

Ramblings on Melissa Scott )

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