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One thing I have been thinking about today in regard to Brexit: no lives were lost.

Making the decision did not require an army, weaponry or a DMZ. Or some version of Henry V or General Montgomery.

I am not being sarcastic about this. I know the Brexit winning the vote is a huge thing and nobody knows how it will play out -- though I feel the need to mention that *nothing has happened yet*. It will take a couple of years to sort out; if you are British and want to work in Europe? Find the job *now*, so you will already be there when it comes through.

But with all the wars in the world? And all the idiots running around with guns here? I am very glad to see a governmental decision, a major one, that does not require someone to die.

strip-lighted paradise

Jun. 24th, 2016 02:02 pm
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I was reading this two days ago. It needs saying today.

“Men use up their lives in heart-breaking political struggles… not in order to establish some central-heated, air-conditioned, strip-lighted Paradise, but because they want a world in which human beings love one another instead of swindling and murdering one another.” - George Orwell, 1943.


Jun. 24th, 2016 08:58 am
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Yesterday, while Brexit was winning, a friend posted a link to a screed about how condescending liberals are. Guilty as charged, your honor. One of my favorite things about being a liberal is that I don’t have to consider people my equals to want them treated decently. Everyone should have a living wage and a single-payer health system, even if they’d much rather be protected from queers marrying each other.


Jun. 24th, 2016 05:24 am
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"Watching the brexit vote gives me some small idea of the powerless horror the rest of the world must feel every time the US votes for prez." -- @jlfeder, 2016-06-23

"I don't want a future in which politics is primarily a battle between cosmopolitan finance capitalism and ethno-nationalist backlash." -- Chris Hayes (@chrislhayes), 2016-06-23

the Holy Spirit versus cardboard

Jun. 23rd, 2016 07:10 pm
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A story I was told at St Mark’s, a “high” Anglican church:

St Mark’s has a rather large contingent of de jure Roman Catholics in its congregation, who argued with the local parish priest or the Vatican and just decamped down the road. Many times this only gets discovered when they die and ask for their ashes to be interred in St Mark’s columbarium, whereupon the local RC priest turns up and objects.

So after this had happened a few times, they agreed that a small part of the columbarium would be dedicated as a RC burial place. And so that God wouldn’t get confused, they put a cardboard divider between them.

The person telling me this story concluded, “So apparently cardboard can block the Holy Spirit, just like alpha particles… wait. Don’t mitres have cardboard inside to keep the shape? I think we’ve discovered something here…”

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I just have to share SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective Executive Director Monica Simpson’s speech before the Democratic National Convention Platform Drafting Committee on June 17.

Monica is such a gift to the movement.

And I stand with her and SisterSong in this demand.

Folk can also check out Rewire’s reprint of Monica’s remarks: Why Political Platforms Must Center the Most Marginalized People


Jun. 23rd, 2016 05:24 am
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"We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done." -- Alan Turing (b. 1912-06-23, d. 1954-06-07)

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A friend of mine from Second Life is facing the possibility of losing her income due to the political machinations of some people with a grudge against her late mother - it appears to be a very long story, but the short version is that they are continuing the grudge down a generation and want her to starve. And the Social Services people seem to be playing into it. This is all the income my friend has, and she's not happy at how she's been treated -- being questioned three times in a group meeting today about how often she masturbates? -- or at her counsel not being allowed into the meeting.

She is seeking an attorney who might be able to stand up for her and make sure she doesn't lose her livelihood. Alternatively, she's looking for a newspaper reporter who will side with her and write this mess up as the mess it is and put a lot of public light on it. She is in Columbus, Ohio.

I am making comments private. If you think you might be able to help, please do comment, and give me an email where you can be reached, and I'll forward the emails to her.
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The Missouri Democratic Party (MDP) recently held their state convention.

Some shit went down.

Not old school “shit”, like back in the days of Truman when folk would fist-fight and then kick a horse.

I’m talking new-school shit, when people who are new to party politics meet up with folk who could run a clinic on how to get your party politics on...and shit gets real ‘cause oil and water and all that jazz.


I’ve seen Facebook posts congratulating supporters of Bernie Sanders for advancing his agenda at the Missouri state convention. I’ve browsed through pictures of smiling newly elected delegates and read blog posts breaking down how Sanders supporters organized to get what was definitely an impressive turnout that garnered significant outcomes.

Some articles make it seem as if Team Sanders owned the room.

I’ve seen posts from Clinton supporters too, some expressing anger and frustration, others resigned to what went down.

Across the board, folk seem excited to move forward to the DNC.

But the thing is...and you just knew there was a thing...

I’ve also been flooded with emails, texts, calls, and GChats (Lawd, give me strength!) expressing outrage that attendees failed to pass resolutions on abortion rights, LGBT non-discrimination, or voting rights.

That got my attention.

Missouri has one abortion clinic, a 72-hour mandatory waiting period for abortion, and a state legislature that has made it their goal to end abortion access. My state is a test kitchen for abortion restrictions...and no progressive worth their vote doesn’t know that.

In Missouri, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people can be fired from their jobs, evicted from their homes, and denied access to public accommodations and services.

And in November, Missouri voters will decide on a constitutional amendment that would require photo identification in order to vote. A study by Missouri Secretary of State Kander found that 220,000 registered Missourians don’t have photo ID. Y’all can do the math on just how devastating this poll tax dressed up to look like a ballot measure would be.

If you want to know what Democratic lawmakers in Missouri end up spending too much time defending and not enough time advancing, these are on the top of the list and you can add in worker rights and freaky tax bullshit.

So, yay...glad to see resolutions on new stuff and workers rights and taxes.

But, seriously.


When that many progressives gather in a space to elect delegates and pass resolutions that are being and will continue to be used to frame the state party’s priorities...and the gathering fails to pass resolutions supporting abortion rights, LGBT equality, and voting rights…


Whatever the fuck DID happen is not what could have or should have happened in the room where it happened.

A Quick Note on Representation.
The same logic that inspired Sanders supporters to organize around the state convention...the understanding that representation matters, no one can speak for you or advocate for your beliefs like one of you, and the concern that other folk may not prioritize your issues the way you need them to be prioritized…

Yeah, that’s the same logic that makes me cringe at the fact that no people of color were selected as 2016-2020 DNC Members-Elect.

And it wasn’t that people of color weren’t in the room where it happened.

Nope, everyone isn't already on the same page.
If I had a dollar for every time someone running for office in Missouri with a giant “D” by their name failed to give a full throated endorsement of abortion rights, I’d be able to finance photo ids for the 200,000 Missourians who may lose the vote in November.

And I’m not even going to dive into the confusion, messed up strategy, and compromises made on voting rights.

As for LGBT Equality, Dems have come a long way. But now is not the time to tone down support for non-discrimination bills or equality in general.

Now is the time to get specific as hell and loud about abortion, non-discrimination, and voting rights.

That isn’t what happened in the room where it happened.

Did Paper Fly and Shouts Ring Out in the Room Where It Happened?
At a fucking minimum, I expect a damn revolt when an abortion resolution doesn’t pass.

At a minimum, I expect paper to fly and shouts to ring out when a voting rights resolution isn’t proposed.

And damn it all to hell, if you can gather and organize to fight for representation on the slate, then you damn sure should be able to do the same for a non-discrimination resolution.

At a minimum, that should have happened in the room where it happened.

What Comes Next?
I’m left feeling that it is what it is.

The party will move forward.

The new blood made their priorities clear, and sent a strong message to the party about those priorities.

In the end, the big story out of the state gathering was representation.

Who organized and got what they wanted.

Who didn’t.

Do I think MODems are going to suddenly become horrible on LGBT rights?


But a resolution would have sent a clear message to candidates, voters, and Missourians that MDP is all in on MONA and everyone else should be too.

Do I think MODems are going to stand up for abortion rights and demand the same of candidates who run under the party’s banner?


Some will, others won’t.

The party has a long way to go, and the lack of a resolution on abortion rights won’t help address a history littered with inconsistent and reluctant support for abortion rights.

Do I think MODems aren’t committed to protecting voting rights?

I’m pretty confident that Dems are committed to voting rights, particularly since the votes under attack are usually Dem votes.

But we’ve got a monster of a ballot measure coming up in November, and a resolution would have been a nice reminder to the press, voters, and Missourians that voting rights are under attack and Missouri Dems are the ones deep in the battle to protect them.

And no, I'm not just bitching to bitch.

These are Missouri specific issues that should be a priority for Dems because they sure as shit are a priority for the MO GOP.

In summary…
The world doesn’t revolve around the Missouri Democratic party, resolutions, or non-binding party platforms.

That said, it does matter what people do and what they fight for when they are in the room where it happens.

It is a privilege to be able to journey to Sedalia, spend the day there, and participate in the state convention. I personally don't think it should be so damn hard for folk like me to go...for all the reasons and then some.

But it is what it is.

And now we move onward.

Resolved...sort of.


***cue Hamilton’s History Has Its Eyes On You***

House of Cards (US)

Jun. 22nd, 2016 07:06 am
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I'm catching up on the American version of House of Cards -- I'd seen the British version before, but just hadn't gotten around to this one -- and I'm really enjoying it. BUT I'm nearing the end of season 4, and the notion that the First Lady would be nominated as her husband's running mate? Strains credibility.

I mean, obviously we have a former First Lady who has a good shot at being our next President, but that's not *at the same time*.

Also, Underwood was so much darker in s. 1. Obviously he's still unscrupulous, but the really dark edge is muted.

I keep thinking of the Underwoods as the Macbeths.


Jun. 22nd, 2016 06:58 am
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In 1970 a scholar named John Allegro wrote a book seriously maintaining that Jesus was a psychedelic mushroom. The same theory has been applied to another historical figure who has been the object of religious reverence.

Thanx to Slate Star Codex
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Remembering City, Clifford Simak’s masterpiece.

Thanx to
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Overweening Generalist on deliberate obscurity in writing, and a look at one of its leading practitioners, Judith Butler, who now appears to have been saying something useful (about gender as performance) underneath all the bafflegab. (It is now widely believed that two ’50s figures who were famous for talking incomprehensibly—Casey Stengel and President Eisenhower—were using a version of this tactic.)
*Oscar Wilde

Thanx to RAW Illumination and Arts & Letters Daily


Jun. 22nd, 2016 05:24 am
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"I don't even know how to communicate this clearly. I feel like I get reminded of the inconvenience and visibility of my gender pretty much all day. Pronouns, terms of address, bathrooms, shopping, interacting, corresponding – these are the tiny little things that make up day to day life, and they're all super gendered. I don't think that's as apparent if you're in a normative gender space, but when you're navigating a transition, or hold a non binary/gender queer identity, they all become little decisions and catches. How do I represent myself authentically here? Where do I fit? How can I be visible? Is this safe?

"Honestly, I'm often tired of thinking about gender. I would love to not think about it. I wish that existing in social spaces didn't make me have to think about it all the time. I really, really do have other things to think about. Oh, but here's an email for a survey for a service I use and enjoy. The second field? 'Sex: m/f'. Great."

-- Robot Hugs, 2016-05-25 (artist's note below comic)

holy crap

Jun. 22nd, 2016 12:00 am
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So, in the time since the fire, one of my housemates had ran off to rainbow, and came back when we opened up again. And then her and her rainbow boyfriend announced they were heading out for the national gathering in vermont, and I was like, "waaah, I want to go but I can't just jump in a van full of hippies with my kid and disappear for a couple weeks." and they talked more and more of my housemates into going. and last night they talked my best friend into going with the first group heading out tonight, and i was all "WAAAAAH, why can't I go?"

And then one of my housemates was like, "well, I have a car, but can't go, do you want to borrow it?" and another housemate (best female friend, mom of my kid's bff) was like, "I can kick in gas and we can head out and take my kid too?"

So yeah, either friday night or early saturday, I'm taking off in a borrowed car with my best chick friend and our daughters to drive out to vermont and spend a good week at the gathering. Meeting up with best friend and some housemates, being met up with by more housemates a few days later.

I AM SO EXCITED I COULD SHIT MY PANTS. I get to go to my first national gathering since 94, and most of the best people from my house are going too. And because of the housemate's recent time at rainbow and her rainbow boyfriend, we are already plugged into a kitchen when we get there, and will have at least part of our camp set up by the time we get there, we will just have to throw the tents up.



I'm back!

Jun. 21st, 2016 07:36 pm
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One of the reasons I’ve been missing in action online is that I’ve been busy as hell offline with my new organization Reproaction. I’m so excited to be part of an amazing team dedicated to building a culture of direct action to increase access to abortion and advance reproductive justice!

But I've missed y'all. And I've missed practicing the fine art of bitchitude.

So, yeah...I'm back.

I'm working on a post for tomorrow, but until then...

about washing hair. No, really.

Jun. 21st, 2016 03:55 pm
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I don't know if this is a thing for other people or not, but since I was 12 or 13, I have washed my hair every day. Read more... )

(no subject)

Jun. 21st, 2016 12:03 pm
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I am taking a break from posting news links for a while. I've been doing it pretty steadily, and I think there are enough sources out there at the moment that I can sit back and take a virtual vacation for a bit.

Which doesn't mean I might not post *good news* if some should arise, but I'm worn down by the campaigning, the lies, the sleaze, the bribes and the stupidity. I need a break from it, and figure that should help with the emotional downers from the meds drawdown also.

Still reading my dwircle, still reading fanfic. Still happy to be here and knowing all of you.

::hugs everyone::
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So everything I am fannish about comes to an end -- both Agent Carter and Penny Dreadful. *sigh* Perhaps, at least, the closed canons (well, I do not give up hope of seeing Peggy again in MCU flashbacks, if not *fingers crossed* another iteration of Agent Carter) will make me feel comfortable with ficcing, not worrying so much about getting Jossed.

For Penny Dreadful, I have IDEAS, mostly centered around Catriona and John Clare -- er, separate ideas, that is -- not sure I see those two characters connecting *at all*. The question is always finding the time, but since there's now almost nothing on tv I care about, I should be watching it a good deal less often. ;-)

But I do have a thought about Henry Jekyll. Read more... )


Jun. 21st, 2016 05:24 am
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"No man is fit to command another that cannot command himself." -- attributed to William Penn (b. 1644-10-14, d. 1718-07-30), but none of the citations I've found identify the work or letter it's from and it's not on his Wikiquote page. Using it here anyhow on account of Trump.

strange hair comment

Jun. 20th, 2016 08:26 pm
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So, a couple of years back, a ten-year plan came to fruition! And I don't think I managed to post about it here on Dreamwidth with my ongoing absences. The fruition was (sort of) getting purple hair *points to PowerPuff Ithiliana.*

In 2004, I was fed up to here with a lot of the culture at my university, and wanted to make some Statements. I wanted to get purple hair and tattoos--I did get the tattoos although a year or two later! The purple hair was harder mostly because I still had a lot of brown hair although I was graying. When I heard I'd have to bleach the color out in an extra step, I went, no way! and we (I have this amazing bad-ass hair goddess who has a second job as a P.I.) decided on Very Red. And spikes. So for a while, red and spiky was the byword. Then some years ago, I asked if I was getting grey enough, and while I wasn't, I was bored of red and spiky (I don't really like putting product in my hair--time, but also I have a habit of running my fingers through my hair when thinking, and sometimes when there's product, it hurts), so we decided to go for silver (which was fun to put over the red as it grew out). The silver made the brown somewhat blondish, and the grey silvery. It was nice, but FINALLY, in 2014, we decided that there was enough gray.

But my hair goddess had a niece who was working with her that summer who was a MAJOR colorist, and she talked us into multiple colors--we worked out a sort of peacock plan (teal, green,indigo, purple, occasionally with some pink thrown in). It was great fun, though it took niece about 3 hours to do. After niece went off with crummy boyfriend and baby (too typical of around here), my hair goddess can get much the same effect in about two hours, and we've tried various combos, settling most recently on the teal, green, and purple which stay the most vibrant for the two months between dye jobs). The color layers onto the hair, so it fades over time so no roots.

It's been great fun! They are my favorite colors, so I have a bunch of clothes that coordinate (ditto the tattoos), and just about every time I'm out at least one person tells me how much they love it (and the amazing thing is that the age and gender range is incredible!). My mom is....sort of resigned, but that's not unusual!

I adore it.

Today, in Wal-Mart, a woman (in the soda aisle) asked me why I colored my hair--she said she saw so many 'ladies' these days. I was sort of shocked, mumbled something about a ten year plan, and she said, "Oh! Then you did it just for yourself and not to support somebody's rights!" And I'm going, well, I do have radical politics, but by then she was walking away, and I'm bizzuh? (The only thing I can think of it that there is a sort of rainbow effect--a lot of narrow stripes of very bright color--so LBGTQQIA* rights? In the produce aisle about ten minutes later, another woman said "I superlove your rainbow hair," so maybe, yeah, rainbow.)

But still...."why did you color your hair" definitely falls into one of those categories of personal questions that perfect strangers should probably not be asking.

Hair goddess and I are thinking about a two solid color job this summer (in July)--I'm thinking purple on top and green on the bottom (my hair cut is short around my face, longer in back, and most of the gray, about 60% is on top). I do love the stripey effect (I think of peacock more than rainbow, but six of one...), but I had a plan for purple hair, so it seems a shame not to try it.

Medea Benjamin

Jun. 20th, 2016 10:56 pm
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Posted by admin

This week’s Project Censored features a recent speech by long-time peace organizer Medea Benjamin. She examines recent successes and setbacks for the antiwar movement, and discusses her current campaigns. Medea Benjamin is cofounder of the womens’ peace group Code Pink and the fair trade organization Global Exchange. She spoke at Sonoma State University on March […]

The post Medea Benjamin appeared first on Project Censored.

Why I'm voting Remain

Jun. 20th, 2016 08:35 pm
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If I had to choose either Strasbourg or Westminster to run this country, I'd choose Strasbourg. It has a better separation of powers. Someone asked what I mean by that, so I'll explain more fully.

A bit of civics background-- sorry if you know this already: There are three branches to every government: the legislature which makes laws, the executive which implements those laws, and the judiciary which deals with people who break them. In a carefully-designed system such as the American federal government, the three branches act as checks on one another's power. (In the US, executive=President, legislature=Congress, judiciary=federal courts.) This means that it's much more difficult for one or two people to fuck up the system.

But in the UK and the EU we don't have a complete separation of powers. In particular in the EU we have the executive (the Commission) having the sole power to propose bills to the legislature (the Parliament). This is undemocratic, and it's a problem. The legislature can veto bills, so it acts as a check on the power of the executive. But it cannot act alone.

In the UK, however, the problem is even worse. In our case executive=Downing Street, legislature=Parliament, judiciary=courts. Parliament was originally a check on the power of the King (when the King was the executive). But for the last few centuries, the Crown's ministers have effectively been the executive, and these ministers are always drawn from Parliament. A PM must necessarily almost always be able to order Parliament to do anything they wish, because they must belong to the majority party in the Commons, and MPs almost always vote as the whips tell them to.

So if for example we happened to get someone as PM who was determined to starve the poor and destroy the NHS, there's nobody at all who can stand up to him. In the US or in France it's routine for the legislature to say no to the executive (and vice versa). But it's near-impossible in the UK.


...there is, at present, one organisation which can say no to the PM.

That organisation is the EU.

That is why I'm voting Remain.



Jun. 20th, 2016 05:24 am
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"I want my country back from nationalists who say their nationalism isn't like all those other nasty nationalisms. I want my country back from cynics who say that all politicians are crooks and liars. I want my country back from weasels who say that only the politicians with whom they agree may be exempted from this judgment.

"I want my country back from those who think protesting against a free press is joyous.

"I want my country back from politicians who ignore real problems in favour of re-fighting constitutional battles already lost.

"I want my country back from those who want us to return to the days when it was okay to joke about 'darkies' and 'poofs'. I want my country back from those who conceal their hatred beneath a cloak cut from 'legitimate concerns'.

"I want my country back from anyone who feeds hatred."

-- Euan McColm, 2016-06-18

[Our sun, as viewed from Earth, halts its seasonal crawl northward and begins iinching south again at 18:34 this evening. Happy Summer Solstice, all!]

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This may be an unpopular opinion, but if that was really the end, I am okay with that. It made narrative sense and Read more... )

(no subject)

Jun. 19th, 2016 08:59 pm
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I cannot help wondering, because of the timing, whether China's order to demolish much of the world's largest Buddhist monstery comes because the Dalai Lama met with Obama or not. More on it here.


Jun. 19th, 2016 04:37 pm
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Happy Juneteenth, everybody!


Jun. 19th, 2016 05:24 am
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"Before I got married I had six theories about raising children; now, I have six children and no theories." -- John Wilmot

Today is:
Gregorian: 2016 July 19 (Father's Day and Juneteenth)
Julian: 2016 June 06
Hebrew: 5776 Sivan 13
Islamic: 1437 Ramadan 13
Persian: 1395 Khordad 30
Mayan: (about 2700 more years until the universe is detroyed and re-made, or about 63 billion years until the calendar runs out and rolls over to all zeroes)
Indian: 1938 Jyaistha 29
and tomorrow is the summer solstice (18:34 EDT).

please do not press this button again

Jun. 18th, 2016 09:55 pm
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I was once in a psychiatrist's waiting room and they had a coffee machine with enough buttons to belong to Captain Picard. You know the sort of thing-- buttons for white coffee, black coffee, cappucino, hot chocolate, and so on and on. But one of them was unlabelled, and THAT was the one I wanted.

It took a while to brew me a cup. When it had cooled, I took a sip. The stuff was utterly foul-- like a sort of hot instant coffee made with lemons and ammonia. I can still taste it in memory.

Just then, the psychiatrist arrived, and asked what I was grimacing about. I explained the story and showed him the button. "Right," he said. "That's the self-cleaning function."


Jun. 18th, 2016 05:24 am
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"I use 'status unknown, assume dead' often. It really makes my life a lot easier.

"If I get a rude customer at work, or an inconsiderate driver takes a parking space, or some egg hassles me on Twitter, I simply remind myself that there are billions of people on the planet, all milling about at random. The odds of my running into that person again are vanishingly small (and, even if I do, I likely won't remember or recognize them), so there's no reason not to assume that, as soon as they left my field of view, they immediately collapsed of an instant and painless heart attack and were absorbed silently into the earth, never to be seen again.

"It's a very freeing mindset - zen, you might say - and I recommend it for anyone with stress or anger issues."

-- Tailsteak, 2016-06-10 (author's note under that day's Leftover Soup strip)

ongoing homely activities

Jun. 17th, 2016 04:27 pm
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Well, the new washing machine runs beautifully--and I'm having great fun picking categories: yes, put ALL the jeans (except Entwife's black ones) in the same pile because, now we have a JEAN category on the machine. Ditto, WHITES, and DARK colors. I have the option for a second rinse and extra spin if I wish! (Good for the towels). I cleaned up the laundry room before the delivery dudes came with the new machine which means that i had the chance to vacuum out the lint hose which means the dryer is working better!

Small things, but nice to have no problems in at least one area (doing laundry has always been a bit of a therapy for me--it's relatively little effort, there's time to read or write or do Other STuff while the machine does the work, and VOILA clean clothes at the end! And yes, they get dirty again, but not as quickly as dishes do).

Because Entwife's new job is more administrative, meaning she has to be there more hours every day (this may change, I hope, at the end of this year, fingers crossed), and because I'm teaching entirely online and at home to walk the new dogs (did I ever post here about the two little taco terriers I found right after new Years a couple of years ago? They changed many things in our life), I pretty much do all the house maintenance things (she does our glycemic index menus which is a HUGE job, and handles all the house bills--everything else is mine).

I'm also trying to get back into ongoing decluttering: clearing out old papers (I had paperwork from my first jobs, each in the 1970s, fer cryingout loud). A great boon was discovering that Staples does shredding for about a dollar a pound.

One thing that I've improved since my dissertation days: I now focus on the class and scholarship work first, then fit the house stuff in around (the major house stuff at least--a quick load of dishes in the morning doesn't take much time). I used to use cleaning as procratination (Mom said her house was never so clean as that dissertation year), but have managed to move away from that (now I procrastinate by working on some other project I have going on!).

And the best thing about the summer so far is that we're getting out to movies--seeing new releases. We liked _Captain America Civil War_ enough to go back twice, and to pick up some of the earlier films in the universe, but were rather MEH about X-Men. Tonight: we'll be searching for Dory!
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A comment deleted by a friend who bemoaned (among a list of other things) LGTBQ people calling out groups that have amplified homophobic currents in US culture ... tl;dr version: (a) saying "can't we just all get along?" while ignoring how one group has been and still is harming the group complaining about it, is not "peace", it's saying it's more comfortable to excuse the behaviour than to do the work to fix it; (b) saying "please stop hitting us" is not an "attack"; (c) denying GBLTQ members full participation in their religious communities will still be part of the problem, but if It's strictly an inside-the-church issue, that church doesn't get specifically named as an exceptional example at times like this. Anyhow, here's what was apparently too much (which I suppose illustrates an important distinction between "friend" and ally):

You missed an important thing about the Evangelicals: the rhetoric there that I've seen hasn't been "blame it all on them", it's been, "you don't have to make this all about Islam to explain the actions of one not-very-religious American, when our whole culture is steeped in homophobia," and persistent attacks on LTGBQ people by Evangelicals are a particularly visible example. Not just Evangelicals, but right-wing politicians trying to cater to them OR using rhetoric of hating and fearing the Other to draw in not-particularly-religious social conservatives. And every [expletive]ing script writer who makes gay or trans people a punch line. And every jerk who unthinkingly misgenders Caitlyn Jenner, Chelsea Manning, or even Ann Coulter (who isn't trans, but that's supposed to be the "joke", accusing her of being trans to put her down -- the only lasting effect of which is to throw actual trans people into the "use as punch lines" category). And everybody who either uses casual homophobia as humour or as an in-group shibboleth. Everyone who uses "gay" either as an indistinct signifier of "bad in some way" or as the most hateful thing they can think of to call somebody. Everyone who tries to dictate when trans people should "disclose" and to whom, and whether violence upon finding out someone attractive is trans is a "natural" (i.e. excusable) reaction. And TERFs who make enemies out of the very people who could be their biggest allies in "deconstructing gender" because they'd rather try to get other people to hurt us and talk about wishing for us to die, And every church of any denomination -- or synagogue or mosque -- that excludes LGTBQ people from leadership, from full inclusion as participants in their religious community, who "debates" the significance of our very existence. Or that says, "oh, we fully accept and love our GTLBQ members, but please don't talk about it too much or bring in too many more like you because we're afraid that'll turn us into "a gay church". Have you not noticed that people are saying we can't let any of that go, can't excuse any of it when examining why an American would shoot up a gay bar? Or did you only notice that Evangelicals got name-checked in the middle of that and decide to make it all about them?

And blame lies at the feet of everyone making Latinx people punch lines or bogeymen -- making them the only visible face of illegal immigration, handwaving the existence of ones who are here legally to make every reference to Latinx people about borders, stereotyping them the same way we used to stereotype African Americans which is the same way Europe used to stereotype Jews and now stereotypes the Rom, talking about Latinx Americans as if they weren't "really American" but forever alien no matter how many generations their families have been Americans. Everyone sharing and spreading those memes is culpable too, in making it easier for someone to go and shoot up a gay bar on Latinx Night. Last I checked, that wasn't an Evangelical issue (but it is a frequent right-wing thing).

But we can't name the problems and the participants without people who would be more comfortable upholding the status quo complaining that our pointing out the riptide of hate underneath the surf of American culture is "being divisive" and "making the problem worse". (How do we start fixing this if we don't talk about it and call out those who promote it (maliciously or unthinkingly)?)

But oh, we're "zealots" for naming names. Screw you. This wasn't some abstract "attack on the idea of America" -- the choice of targets made it political while the bodies were still falling, not just after we heard the news and started talking about it.

But as long as we've mentioned Evangelicals, let's examine why they're named above. For the last 35+ years, the loudest, most hateful voices speaking out against TGBLQ people have identified themselves as Evangelicals, been backed by Evangelical organizations, and have claimed that their doing so is rooted in their faith. Not the ones making jokes about gay and trans people or casually saying "no homo"; the ones telling people to be afraid of us, calling us pedophiles, telling people first to be scared of the thought of gays and lesbians in bathrooms, and then to be scared of trans women in bathrooms (as they erase trans men). The people trying to pass laws against us have overwhelmingly not only identified themselves as Evangelical, they have insisted that these are religious positions -- Evangelical positions, and they try and try to make people think that therefore they're default Christian positions -- even as other Christians have disagreed and even some individual Evangelicals have said, "uh, can we maybe turn this ship around? I don't think we're helping..." Again: Evangelical churches have gotten behind this, so it's not just a few loudmouths trying to drag their names into it.

And when called out on bigotry, they again cast it as a religious matter and frame equality as an "attack" on their faith. We all can see how the so-called "religious freedom" bills are not about being allowed to practice one's faith, only about getting away with harming those they demonize. So when critiquing their actions over the past few decades to poison the public discourse gets framed as an "attack" on Evangelicals? Yeah, screw you, we see it for what it is: just wanting to deny responsibility for their own part in this whole mess.

Evangelicals are the reason disagreements get framed as being "between LTBGQ people and religion," erasing not only the large number of LGBTQ Christians, but also erasing all the denominations and congregations saying, "we don't have a problem with queerfolk," or, "that's an inside-our-church issue, not a public moral crusade". Evangelicals picked this fight. You don't get to complain when we say, "Hey, they've been hitting me." At least, don't expect to be taken seriously when you do.

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