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John McCain has lied for his entire political life.  Lots of people fell for it.  Some of you fell for it.  Somehow, one of the Keating Five got people to think he was against corruption.  Somehow, a man who calls himself "a Reagan Republican" got people to think he represented some sort of change in the Republican party.

Here's truth.

The truth is that if you're not a millionaire, John McCain wants to raise your taxes while continuing to give you less. The truth is that McCain doesn't care about truth, or honesty, or honor.

He cares about winning. And he counts the truth, his honor, and his name as nothing more than pawns to sacrifice in order to bring himself power. He counts your healthcare, your children's lives, the nation's economy, your rights, and anything else he can get his hands on the exact same way.

Some people on my friends list have expressed deep reservations about voting for Obama. I understand those reservations. It may be that Obama will not be able to deliver. It may be that part of his message is just talk.

But it's a settled question what we get if we have McCain. The math is not hard to do: Some chance is better than no chance. Vote for Obama.

But don't stop there. Once he's elected, keep his feet to the fire and don't let him back down from his promises. That's the mistake we made with Clinton: The Republicans fought him, we didn't, and he moved along the path of least resistance. That's what brought us Don't Ask Don't Tell instead of the justice Clinton promised; and the pattern repeated for eight years.
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