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The good is that the grown-ups are back in charge.

The bad is that the Bush economy, almost like a parting love note from the Drunk, began affecting me directly and personally Monday. I am no longer a salaried employee of $employer, but a "Project Plus" employee. This means that I'm paid by the hour for billable tasks. The downside is that my income fortnight-to-fortnight is an uncertain thing. The upside is that I can look for projects from sources other than $employer to fill that time. That's not really that much of an upside, because it's additional hassle. I suppose the real upside is that I'm not laid off -- more than I can say for some of my colleagues. To say nothing of so many others.

Hey, need someone to do some security consulting? Drop me a line and let's talk -- my credentials and experience are impeccable, and my rates are reasonable. If you don't need some security consulting, maybe you know someone who does.
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