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Several purposes to this post. One is to see if crossposting from DreamWidth, where I'm [personal profile] holzman_tweed. (I'm seeing how this translates. If it's hard to read on LJ, I'm Holzman-Tweed.

I'm also posting to talk about skipping the X-Men and seeing Nightwish this weekend.


Not that I'm particularly eager to see any X-Men movie after the abomination that was X-Men 3 -- The Phoenix Saga was not the story to mess up, and they have no excuse.

But onto the concert. Unsurprisingly, the show was excellent. Actually, that's an understatement.

Back in the Fall, Nightwish was supposed to do a concert, but Anette was very sick and they had to ship her home to recover. To make up for it at the time, we got a refund plus a free concert featuring Sonata Arctica and a local band, Martyrd. Even so, I think they wanted to do something special to make up having to cancel.

And they did.

First was the presence of Troy Donockley and his heavy metal 'pipes and flute, both in the introduction and in Last of the Wilds

Second is that Marc Brueland's family was at the show, and that's the only time they perform Higher Than Hope because... easier to show than tell:

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