Nov. 4th, 2008

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As it happens, my voting place is in the community room of my building, meaning I don't have to even go out doors in order to vote.
Usually, voting here is a sleepy thing. I vote in the morning when I can, the evening when I must. Because this is my parent's district also, my name is listed right next theirs in the registry.

Clare G. Holzman
Robert S. Holzman
Daniel B. Holzman-Tweed

Dad usually votes on his way to work and is voter #15 most years. This year, he's voter #35. I voted at 9 AM and am voter #120. Most years, I'm #120 when I vote in the evening.

Anyone who doesn't know for whom I voted, isn't paying attention.
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I am listening now to John McCain conceeding the election.

Congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama.

Congratulations to everyone who has worked and sweated to make this evening possible. (Looking at you, [ profile] yesthattom and [ profile] voodoo_chile)

Congratulations to everyone who has bled, sweat, cried, and died to make this evening possible. Their names are legion, and most of them are your ancestors and mine.

The journey isn't over, not by a long stretch, but we're on our way.

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