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PSA: PoC in SF/F Special Edition: Interrogating the Text, De-colonizing the Mind

I'm pleased to announce the following:

PoC in SF/F Carnival Special Edition:

Interrogating the Text, De-Colonizing the Mind: An Intra-PoC Dialogue

This special edition of the PoC in SF/F carnival is once again dedicated to intra-PoC dialogue.

Separated by time and distance, joined by personal experience and on/offline interaction, our lives together are not always a bed of roses.

In the wake of recent events, what's next on the horizon for intra-PoC relations in the wake of recent events? How do I/You/Me/We go about creating those places where our own efforts shine while at the same time work through those things that divide us?

Contributors are invited to engage the theme as they choose. It's a jumping off point but not necessarily a cliff.

Caveat: Since People of Color (PoC) is not necessarily a universally used term, especially by fans living outside of the US, I encourage those who have other ways of defining themselves (for example, non-white, fen of pigment, chromatic) to step up and participate.

Feel free to post this notice far and wide.

Send your links to: ladyj dot 965 at gmail dot com
Deadline for submission: March 27, 2009
Host: ladyjax
Location: boom_tube (aka ladyjax's other not so used LiveJournal)

(big thanks to Willow for encouraging this latest intra-PoC dialogue to become a special edition of the Carnival).

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Date: 2009-03-06 03:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sweh.livejournal.com
Yeah... wasn't until the sixth paragraph that I could even understand what that was talking about; "PoC" is, to me, Proof of Concept. Made for very bizarre reading!

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